More made Crime Dog Signs

Don’t believe a person who tells you about their child or client needing a friend just because they’re not capable of communicating. Friendship is based on SELF communication, NOT HELPED communication.

Shows and clips pertaining to minding your own business are believing in the holocaust which is what a person who reminds you of what does and doesn’t involve you.

Television and YOUTUBE clips consisting of demolishing houses reminds and hurts people who’ve lost their homes to a house fire, or wildfire, or earthquake, or tornado, or hurricane.

Television and YOUTUBE clips consisting of people swimming in their clothes reminds and hurts people who lost their loved ones to a drowning.

Television and YOUTUBE clips consisting of using a girl for a demonstration on a death care procedure are bigots to the human race, and poachers to animals.

Evil and Malicious Teachers in ANY kind of schooling are JAIL BAIT to students. Teacher like that are also BLACKMAILERS.

Greedy activity coordinators, and sales merchants are JAIL BAIT to customers and participants. They’re very SELFISH, and will ruin your reputation.

People holding out religious or dirty described pamphlets and expecting people to take them are littering the world with hatred, and breaching censorship.

People who stand on a pedestal and incessantly shouting, or singing badly, or talking about religion are bigotry psychos, and are spreading discrimination all over the world.
Parents who consistently nag their children are escalating their temper to where the police get involved. It posts criminal records on children very easily.

Parents who have suspicious attitudes are raising their children to be weapon abusers due to being imprisoned, and having only REVENGE to escape.

It’s WRONG to criticize a person’s mistake in their responsibilities because it’s likely to trigger somebody’s short tempered reactions, and get the police involved. This is especially true if your response pertains to stealing their property away from them.

Sharing a room with a person with a hypertension disorder consisting of arguments, repetitiveness, and night disturbing is WORSE than living in jail due to having NO way to conform with them.

People who advertise the joy of alcoholic beverages on TV and YOUTUBE are contributing to Drunk Driving, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome causing fatalities, and heavy care centers to have SKY HIGH bills to pay.

People who advertise and play Hero Wars are breaking computers, and hacking computer systems. This leads to loss of computer use.

People who advertise the effects of certain medicines on TV and YOUTUBE are contributing to Drug Abuse, and causing children to get poisoned leading to fatality, and SKY HIGH hospital bills.

People who Email you to vote for them are CROOKS who’re harassing you. Let’s BURN DOWN Donald Trump’s business so that him and his team won’t be able to send ANY more emails to ANYBODY.

The people who advertise and play this game are spreading bigotry, and hatred all over the world along with damaging and hacking computers and systems.

Sarcastic TV shows are corrupting your mental thinking, and causing you to mistakenly speak out bomb threats.

Soap Opera shows are infecting the bad feelings that you have on your mind that’ll escalate into weapon abuse.

People I/e of invasive disability issues watching Cartoon Network are electricity thieves, and are greedy to OTHER television watchers. Them demanding for that channel, and those songs costs too much money for electricity bills.