More preps for protecting children

Quicksand sinking drama isn’t just gruesome, it’s also HAZARDOUS to people who see it

AT & T’s selling equipment status

AT & T employee’s testimony to WWW.XVIDEOS.COM

New advertisement for more neurophysiology that’s about to RESOLVE sexual harassment

Needs for neurophysiology to help to prevent sexual harassment, and inappropriate nudity requests

Fifteen facts about we know about nudity, and how we can only RESOLVE it through NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, and not through punishment

These are twenty-seven different HEALTHY uses with nudity that DO NOT involve sexual material, and respect the human body

Nudity is about the HUMAN BODY as it’s photographically seen, not about the sex organs. The sex organs are found on ALL animals, and are ALL the same. Whatever girls and women have are the same on ALL female animals, and whatever boys and men have are the same on ALL male animals. ALL female mammals have breasts or organs that produce milk. ALL female primates have round buttocks too.

In order to set up advertisements about what’s on this chart, we have to agree to STOP using displays of sexual material, and vulgar terminology. It’s the ONLY way to stop possession with child nudity, and neurophysiology is the ONLY way to do it. After all, nudity advertisements according to this chart comes through TRUST that we’ll REFRAIN from using sexual material, and vulgar terminology.

This is proof that child nudity is caused by girlie and erotic material.