Theme 01 in Unwritten Social Rules- Rules are NOT Absolute

CVHs Story Theme #1 in Unwritten Social Rules

Rules are NOT Absolute

            So far I managed to review some of the stuff I remember from my younger years after reading this story. The first part when it came to appropriate things to do in certain places wasn’t too hard because I knew that if any personal doing or subject is done in public, or in front of sensitive people, it makes you look like a fool to everyone. GOLDEN RULE: Whatever you don’t want to see somebody else do in front of you, DON’T do it in front of anybody else.

            The second part hard to do with traffic laws. At Least 95% of them are based on safety, and At  Most 5% of them are based on responsibility. Many of the policies in driving are set up for the protection of pedestrians; bicyclists; other drivers; and of course-YOU. When I took one semester of Government and Law in Grade 11, the first chapter of the book told us the basics of the law, and what it’s based on. It said “The laws in both America and Canada are based on but FOUR NEEDS-Safety-Respect-Health-Responsibility”. The definition of a Bad Outlaw or Lives Outside The Law is “Having NO belief in the FOUR NEEDS as previously written”.

            Some of the other stuff in that book was pretty well understood too. The Copyright laws are a respect rule handy for stopping people jealous of those who worked hard to write a book, or make a movie, or music album, or Right-Of-Way in being excused from overdone punishment from contradicting the hard work that they did.