Theme 02 in Unwritten Social Rules-Not Everything is Equally Important in the Grand Scheme of Things

CVHs Story Theme #2 in Unwritten Social Rules

Not Everything Is Equally Important In The Grand Scheme Of Things

            From this Second chapter I read this week I recall these two people’s First experiences with stuff as kids such as Asking For Assistance; Adapting; and Ignoring.

            I was four when I had my very first taste of GRIEF in spite of not losing a loved one, or regretting a relationship. It happened just so when I tore up a book about subtraction that was too hard for me to work. My mom was very disappointed in what I did, and even without a parental punishment, I felt GRIEVED in such a loss wishing I could have fun with that book again. All of my life, I’ve caused destruction to stuff that didn’t work properly. In spite of the consequences I have NEVER been able to TRUELY ask for assistance, and having tried everything at this point, that concluded that Asking For Assistance is a Genetic ability despite it being a Required ability.

            I was five when I noticed that something was wrong with my ability to adapt. In my class in Head Start, I was always used to doing my assigned class unit on the North side of the room before doing my second unit on the South side of the room. Three or Four times my routine was switched for the day which made it hard to keep up. I often had fits over the situation, and made it hard to keep up my timing for recess. Looking at ALL of the possibilities in training to adapt, NONE of them work because despite Adapting being a Required ability, it’s genetic. But in Head Start I learned best of all to only have the number of rewards I earned, and NO more. Rewarding me for having done good on my work always went by the SAME pattern of “Star—Happy Face—Star—Happy Face” everyday of the year. One Severe Penalty I’ll never forget in Head Start was a Five Minute Time-Out for screaming needing to talk about how I acted at the park. As of that day, I never scream at people who need to talk to me about things anymore.