Theme #3 in Unwritten Social Rules Everyone in the World Makes Mistakes-It Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Day

Having watched Anne Of Green Gables MANY a time has taught me the facts about TRIAL AND ERROR. Megan Follows (Actress of Anne Shirley) showed us the meaning of “Learning From Our Mistakes”. The show practically started with Anne hung on some books she had gone through too much neglecting the responsibilities Mrs. Hampton gave her. Mrs. Hampton decided Anne was too much for her at that point, and felt it would be best that she was raised someplace else, and that’s what happened.

Anne’s first experience on Green Gables was rather rough when she flipped out on Rachel Lind over a criticism remark Rachel said. It hurt Anne as well as Rachel, and it wasn’t until time for dinner when Anne made a good choice to apologize to Rachel Lind for her flipping out on her unreasonably. She did it with bravery, and things were already taking a turn for the best.

In the next scenario where it looked as though Anne had stolen a precious diamond from Colleen Dewhurst (Actress of Mother Marilla), you might have noticed how Anne said “The one wonderful thing about me is I never do the SAME wrong thing TWICE”. That might have been true back in those years before certified mathematicians like me have been able to understand encouragement in doing Right or Wrong. Wrongdoings that occur without a cause are primary, and have NO likelyhood of repeating if it’s been punished with what fits BEST. But at least 75% of the world’s wrongdoings are in vain without cause, and MANY of the causes relate to missing required genetic abilities; or unadaptable behaviors; or untreated primary wrongdoings. It does no good to keep using, or increasing a punishment to a distress signal. All that does is waste the person’s time, and life. You have to do your share of the listening to the neurophysicist when they tell you what’s wrong, and how it needs to be fixed. It’s NO use pulling the weeds out by the leaves, that just leaves a place for new leaves to grow. You have to pull the weed out by the root to fix the situation.

Relating this to ME however, I used to handle my mistakes badly too. My first time was in Head Start when I was given a matching assignment. I had made so many mistakes on that paper that when I got tired, I scribbled it all over. I felt rather upset for having NO matching worksheet to show to my parents, and for losing out on the alternative reward the class was getting. At least I now know that it never pays to act up over making MANY mistakes.

The first few times my mom has told me to tell my dad some things, I’ve often forgotten what I was going to say, and I used to freak out about it. I guess I made a fool out of myself because of the way my mom told me to knock it off. I should know to chill when I forget what to tell somebody because it happens to the best of us.

Of course, since I’m recessive to doing stuff in random order, in kindergarten and Grade 1 when it came to coloring worksheets, I would always do it with the same order. That often got in the way of doing my assignment correctly, and ended with NO rewarding mark or sticker. Some of the teacher aides were BAD, and often colored over the mistake, and made it into a disaster with an undefined color like a RAKU glaze on pottery. Some even trunched at my worksheet, and marking a Black X on the “Not-To-Be-Colored” area. I often threw my paper on the floor in rage for that losing my superstar paper for the day.

One situation I’ve had to put up with in school was bad teachers who’re frequently unfaithful. Some of them got so demanding with the work when it came to mistakes that I just said to them “Take this stupid assignment, and shove it”, and I ended up failing. But because I was in special education, I wasn’t really on the Grade System at school, and so some bad things didn’t matter. In Grade 2, I remember when my teacher who joined us at PE got nasty when she noticed how BAD I was at Jump Rope. When she wouldn’t quit nagging me, I said “I AM Jumping @#$@#$@#$”. Then I recall her sitting me in time-out till PE class was over, and missing the PE class the next week. I sure would say “Profane responses to impatient attitude DOES NOT PAY”.

Between Grade 8 and 13C, I remember what it was like having to be tolerant with such unfaithful speech teachers. For every time I said something weird, they’d always disregard my unavailability, and lecture me on what I said weird rather than just politely ask me to try again like they’re supposed to. I was rather naïve, and so I never did try to tell them that all I needed was a retry on the response, or try to fight back. But even so, without an Authority License, you can’t tell somebody how your mistakes deserve to be addressed. Many a time, I wanted to hold an object in a threatening gesture, but then my parents would’ve been sued in spite of having nothing to do with me doing such a thing. The courts in our country are never convinced with somebody who has no way to accept responsibility for having done wrong except in Physically Defenseless situations. People don’t realize that teachers who have that kind of reputation have unadaptable behaviors meaning the choices in the situation are either “Accept the dent from their behavior” or “Get into trouble with the law trying to defend yourself”. Our American courts are going to have to make the adjustment to the facts about wrongdoing roots like Unadaptable Behaviors; Missing Required Genetic Abilities; and Untreated Primary Wrong Behaviors in order to earn trust from some poor countries to help them with issues. In fact, there IS now a new way to handle teachers who have lecturing reputations, and it’s done just so by having an Automated Intervening Machine locked on their wrist for every time they make a student look BAD for their weird remarks it says to them “Leave him/her alone, he/she’s having the same problems you used to have”. My new Uncle Sam YOUTUBE video about Self Esteem tells you all about it, and how it works.

Reading and Writing seem to have been what those teachers in school spectated on me the most. Making mistakes in reading a story to your teacher is just a fact of life. But in spite of what inhibits my perfect reading, my teacher would make me write the sentence in my notes three times as though I was rather stupid. On top of that, she’d make me Loud Practice the story. On top of that, she’d even break some patented boundaries such as taking my YWCA time away as though she was never told by them that I could. Worst of all, that teacher demanded me to stay on task which is why I often feel sensitive when cued at work to stay on task. In such a hell in Grades 7 and 8, I often wanted to say “@#$%@#$% it. I’m getting out of here”, and run out in rage like a lot of people whose behavior gets spectated does. But chances of serving In-School-Suspension (ISS) for such a thing are pretty high. The root of not being able to Read or Write is having Self-Esteem (S) less than (<) 60%. That’s where you need to take that student or child of yours to the neurophysicist to have that fixed.

Spectatorship in doing work assignments in school is such a bad thing to do. The only time it’s ever acceptable to watch and make sure stuff is done is if you’ve been told about that student writing, or drawing inappropriate stuff demeaning the classroom. By doing so just because of having trouble with doing the work correctly, it just an incident waiting to happen.

I recall one episode of Anne of Green Gables—The Cordial Visit”. In this one, Anne offers Diana Barry the Raspberry Cordial Mother Marilla said they should try, and they did. But Diana went a bit too far, and made herself sick with something too sweet. As Diana was going home, she was Idling (Walking every which way) like a lot of sick people do. At Diana’s house, Mrs. Barry said to Anne “What’ve you done to my Diana?”, and Anne told Mrs, Barry what happened, but she told Anne to stay away from Diana anyway. Anne cried as she told Mother Marilla what she was asked to. Marilla discussed the truth with the Barry’s and how good she can manage naughtiness with such a phrase “If I knew some kid dumb enough to try such a bad thing, I would sober her up with a darn good spanking” the very same way Lefty Thompson spoke. Marilla reassured Anne that she shouldn’t feel sorry for Diana’s foolish consumption since it couldn’t be her fault, but what hurt Anne was the way the Barry’s made her accept the blame for Diana being sick.

One of my scenarios in relation to The Cordial Visit on Anne Of Green Gables happened at the Downtown Spokane Library. I had a problem with a shopping website, and needed a way to contact them to see how to buy DVDs from them. But because some wiring in my brain is broken, I ending up scaring the librarian with what came up on the computer. And because my remember-ability is only 70%,I often forgot that I’ve reminded her about some steps before my purchase which led to resentment. I thought it would be best to write her an apology for my mistake, but it didn’t change her mind into trying me one more time. It still stands that way today. The house parents I lived with at the time could’ve handled the library situation like Marilla on Anne Of Green Gables did only saying “If I knew some person invasive enough to do that, I would sober him up with a darn good grounding”. But they were already victims of that kind of crime as they were, and never even tried to counteract the situation. Washington State seems to have more victims of that kind of crime than any other state I guess.

But the good news is I AM aware of the Child Nudity Law, and I know what the deal is. The problem in the issue is it has roots too big for just the basic response “Don’t Do It” as many of us know the hard way. Why people are very particular when it come to Child Nudity isn’t just because of  children being too young to make good choices on their own, but because of all of the girlie books and media going around practically abusing mother nature’s human body. Don’t bother to believe that girlie and sexuality material is a Constitutional Right because all that means is “It’s constitutional to abuse the Human Body” which always leads to taking those dirty pictures of children. We’ve tried everything to help people stay within this law, and there’s nothing that works even close to eradicating stuff related to Girlie and Sexuality altogether to keep our kids safe. Naturism and Natural Beauty are the only types of acceptable nudity, and can never hurt a child. At my skill level with MATH, all I did was factor out a genetic to solve this issue, and that’s how I came to this conclusion. 

I even hung up an Uncle Sam YOUTUBE in relationship to this so that people can see the NEW plan for using nudity properly, and it’s the ONLY way to make sure it’s used right. This will help make a special kind of store nudity can be sold at to people who have trust with it through neurophysiology as well as being an adult. This will prevent such hard choices has to make on how to sell those things. That YOUTUBE hanging of that was my last task on that subject, and now it’s only a matter of time until the world obtains this new procedure by at least 95%.