Theme #4 in Unwritten Social Rules: Honesty is Different than Diplomacy

After I watched this animated Arthur show on TV-A Kid Show “To Tibble The Truth”, I seem to have gotten the grip on knowing when to be honest, and when to be diplomatic very well. I guess you can’t try to be unkind just because you want to be honest, and you can’t lie just because you want to be kind. Their way of demonstrating jail was quite neat, not only with the black and white striped clothes, but with the way the visitor said “I wish I could believe you”. It’s the way at least 95% of the criminals who’re convicted of Perjury or Obstruction Of Justice are treated. Lying can and will cost you if it’s done primarily-PERIOD.

Likewise, when it comes to being diplomatic where you think it’s acceptable to say stuff about what you see, I’ve started to realize what was wrong when I was nine. Because I’m recessive to ignoring, and I’ve been teased, I always have reactions. Back in 1987 and 1988, our school system knew too little about Neurophysiology, and it prevented us from seeing that Ignoring is a Genetic ability in spite of it being required. Therefore, the ability’s formula is not set for learning.

But for a while, I had noticed some rather awkward things about some people. Some of them were the size of children even in adulthood. Many children aren’t properly educated to see that there’s a medical issue that makes those people pygmies the way they are. Grades 7 and 8 where Speech Therapy mainly revolves around Drug Awareness in the Health class usually discusses birth issues; Dwarf Syndrome; and Pygmy Syndrome; Children with Frequent Sickness requiring hospital use ALL the time-Mostly Cancer; Miscarriages; and Stillbirths. The denominator all of these numerators have is Smoking During Pregnancy which inhibits growth and development. A dwarf IS fixable with a steroid medicine capable of activating the pituitary into growing the arms and legs to the proper size.A Pygmy ISN’T fixable with ANY kind of medicine because the person was born with a Defective (Dead) Pituitary, and it’s non-revivable. But recently in the CNN Health news, the neuroscientists have figured out a way to install an artificial pituitary into Dwarves and Pygmies so that they can grow to the proper size in everything. It’s not just for eradicating ridicule, but also so that they’ll be physically able to do more stuff.

Other issues seen in our society revolve around people doing weird things, and it’s very unsightly for our children. Some people make weird movements without responding to their surrounding. Some of them do a dance without even telling the people going by what it’s all about. Some of them even walk backwards in their wheelchairs without responding back to the people who trying to point out what’s going on. Some of them act like they’re injured, and make a person who’s recessive to ignoring offer them help, and fool them with their snotty attitude. Worst of all, there’s people who are so poorly educated with courtesy, and music that they forget what volume level is acceptable for music as well as knowing the facts about music. Worse than that, those people are often ignorant, and can’t see that they’re on a public bus with other people. That often creates uncomfortablity to OTHERS, and almost any person they snot back at is capable of either Verbally or Physically Threatening or Assaulting them. The survey says “Each Year thousands of innocent by-standing bus passengers face Assault Convictions to situations like that, and can only face brain dents in replacement”. What all of these things have in common is the fact that they’re meth users. Washington State seems to have a dangerously high rate of Meth Users. It isn’t something the world’s diplomacy is capable of handling, and so therefore, the truth will have to be spoken in order to get a grip on the situation.

Unfortunately, some of the parents, or guardians near the person asking are frequently impatient, and and make whoever’s asking accept a response that operatively accuses the one asking about the situation of “Encouraging them to do those things”. When it comes to responses like “Just Mind Your Own Business”, or “Worry About Yourself”, or “It’s not your problem”, or “Live and Let Live”, it only works to punish the one who sold those illegal drugs to them to make them do those weird things. Only the LAW system is allowed to write that out to whoever is responsible for the people who sold them those drugs, and to make them sign written agreements to be tolerant with an impatient person’s responses. In time the one who sold the other the drug to cause their weird behavior will learn that no such crime pays from the response “Live and Let Live”.

But when it comes to people whose patience level is less than (<) 40%, they often get confused with the one who’s asking from somebody who’s sorely responsible for the mistake. No person asking can ever be responsible for some person who does weird things-it doesn’t even sound like somebody who would sell drugs. You’d have to be the kind who either exaggerates; persists people’s denial wishes; or has EVIL behavior to be a suspect to selling drugs to people to make them do weird movements. In those situations where the person who asked about the person’s issues is told “It’s not your problem”, the one who took the response often bites; Rips their shirt; throws rocks; or hits with objects in defense to keep themselves from looking responsible for something they never do. Our personnel at the Police Department are usually capable of managing those situations, and making wise decisions. Somebody who’s been accused, or responded to in an accusing manner often reacts in what was underlined above to prevent being known to live in a Concentration Camp. Their only other choice would be to accept a Brain Dent from some Bad Helper’s way of responding. Those types of situations turn our innocent bystanders into Convicted Criminals by the thousands every year. Our courts are usually capable of picking the correct penalty for the situation. But just try that with the ones who’ve been in charge of my Aunt Mary. Even today after a Secondary crime she committed back in her college years, they don’t seem to care whether or not she had a way to prevent the situation. Though we now know enough about distress reactions, and where every percent of them occur, back then it was only on it’s first encounter. Aunt Mary DID pay the debt she owed them, but the judge she’s under is too ignorant to realize that her wrongdoing only prevented her from getting a dent from such a stubborn playmate that would take a lifetime to heal. Nobody deserves Brain Dents from stubborn people who respond against people’s wishes. The world’s medicines are capable of curing mental illness pertaining to Primary Impatience; Stubborn Responding; and Consistent Laughing, but NOT distress reacting.

There’s no use in punishing a person of ANY age whenever they have a reaction to somebody’s or something’s weird behavior. All that does is give that person Brain Dents which will become fuel for MORE distress reactions later leading to something getting broken, or somebody getting hurt. Besides, all that does is constitute the weird or thoughtless behavior of the other person who’s stubborn telling them they’re right when they’re wrong. The BEST way I can think of to stop such ignorant care-taking of a situation is to have an Automated Intervening Machine-AIM LISTEN to those who talk in an accusing manner, and say stuff to them like “Stop saying that to them. You’re just pushing they’re reaction buttons. He can’t help his shouting when you persistently use those responses. It’s his only defense from Accusing Dents in his brain”. They should even be locked into Synchronized Tightening Leg Braces that are set to tighten around their legs when they Ignorantly Walk Away from somebody who’s helpless with their reaction to somebody’s persistent responses. The braces make the one walking away think somebody grabbed them, and they start panicking. The Automated Intervening Machine laughs at them making them feel embarrassed, and says in the end “Serves you right. Now you’re in the shoes of somebody who gets messed with too much”.

One diplomatic example I have for you though, and it’s a way I learned to speak to smokers. Many a time each one has told me NEVER to question their habits, and so I had to find something better to say to them. I’ve compared Cigarettes to Writing Chalk, and though they’re made from Different Chemicals, they’re the SAME in Size and Shape and Color. That’s where I made up this White Lie where I say to a smoker “Whatcha Doing? Having a piece of chalk?” Most of them think it’s  funny, and take it like I’m NOT chastising them.

Another diplomatic example I have for you though it’s a RESTRICTED subject, but I have to tell you anyway is when I’ve had my share of seeing naked children. As a child, we’ve often been told FADS about it being bathtime when somebody’s naked. But that’s really the Old-Fashioned way to tell a child when the appropriate time to be naked is. Now-days, the Neurophysicist uses a Genetic Ability Scanning Ultrasound Device -GASUD to determine a person’s Discipline Against Nudism -DAN level to see if it’s in the Safe Zone of 80%-99%. If so, there’s no need to monopolize the person’s situation, and you can trust that person with them properly using nudity of ALL ages, and to be permitted to other advanced nudity uses besides baths. If NOT, your child MUST visit the Neurophysicist to have that fixed, before being allowed ANYtrust at all with nudity. For taking a shower, it’s MAIN to be naked for proper cleanliness, but being naked doesn’t always mean that they’re bound for a bath or shower. When it comes to children, they’re often naked outdoors when they play in their Kiddie Pool; Run through the sprinklers; Play in the mud; Eat messy food; Play on the beach; Have fun with paints; Play in Puddles; Live in the Great Depression; and on occasion-at a friend’s swimming pool. I would Never Even Breathe a request to see even a good friend’s children outside of their clothes. But for all of the times I’ve seen the way they do it upon invitation, I’ve been able to learn enough about nudity when it’s used in Nude Recreation, and NATURE scenes to come up with a comment NICE, but not 100% true when I surprisingly see a child naked in the occasions underlined up above called “Looks like today you have your Little Naturist with you”, and they take it like I’m the kind that has acceptable taste for naked people. That seems rather Diplomatic than Honest. 

Truth-wise though, when it comes to nudity, and one lesson I learned TOO LATE was that Authoritarian Control is the WRONG way to counteract with nudity issues. If there’s any Alternative to making Nudity Requests from people of ANY age, it’s the way some Health Centers in our world were Already Authorized by law and medical doctors to write and illustrate and publish Books and Magazines and DVDs of Naturist and Nude Recreaction and Natural Beauty. That pretty much prevents our people from asking to see inappropriate pictures of our friends and relatives in their personal photo albums, or asking to see them at inappropriate times as well as see what the healthy human body symbolizes in the outdoors. Only trouble is, our bookstores have NO place to sell them because they’re NOT licensed to, and for the nons must be sold at Those joints could sell them, but because they misuse nudity too much, they can never be trusted to sell those from the publisher. My solution is to eradicate stripping joints, and turn them into Naturist Simulation IMAX Theaters -NSITs. This way people have a way to learn about nudist life, and can buy books and media about it as a medicine to resolve issues. BUT IF YOU as a parents, or guardian Explicitly Refuse such a thing to your child of ANY age, all you’re doing is encouraging them to Steal into somebody’s personal space. Late in the year of 1999, I ended up doing it to TWO relatives of mine, but I was forgiven because they knew what really happened. In 2010, I had a dream of the incident, and it happened the SAME way, but in a different part of the world. After I told my parents about it, they asked me if I still realized what was wrong, and what more I’ve learned about it over the past ten years. I told them about how incidents like that really happen, and why, and one of the things my anxiety medicine does, and they were impressed. For that was when I learned that incidents like that are the WORST effects from Authoritarian Control. In fact, along with this writing assignment are TWO stories I wrote based on Authoritarian Control. One of them is found in Section #3 in my story of Summer 1987; One of them is found in Section #13 in Chapter 11 in my story of What Happened To Gary; One of them is found in Section #3 in Chapter 21 in my story of The Continuing Story of Me-Natalie. After you read them, you can tell me what you think.

I actually figured out HOW to symbolize Naturism Nudity in a cartoon without the use of Private Parts, or Blotches Covering Them. It’s easy, and done just so by drawing the outline of the human shape, then the Eyes; Nose; Mouth; Hair, and leave the REST of the body empty, and then color it in with the skin color. It looks better, and it feels more like proper use of nudity. I learned how to do it just so through Cartoon Drawing Practice. If you want to see the WHOLE plan of it all, watch the YOUTUBE I made called “Functioning Facts About Nudity Issues” on my site of “YOUTUBE-Vaughan Hoefler”, and you’ll see the whole planning to help rebuild people’s trust in using nudity.

When I was young, I used to call people who were Non-Verbal names like “Gook” whenever they did weird things. Some teachers in the facility said “ Now now Mr. Hoefler, we don’t use those words around people”. I guess it never pays to respond to somebody who’s hard at showing feelings like they don’t because who you’re really talking about when you do is yourself, not the other person. Staff at school are very fervent with students, and they must by law to work there. They’re always making sure those who’re lame with people of mental disability realize that even those who’re hard at showing their feelings have feeling too. After all, there’s NO such thing as a Feelingless Living Thing. Furthermore, when it comes to Talking About Yourself when you say bad things about others terms like “Retarded” or “Rotten” or “Worthless” or “Untrainable” or “Good-For-Nothing” or “Stupid” or “Fagot” are where you’ll get scorned the Hardest. It’ll cost you your permit to heaven the day you die, and declare you a “Bigot” instead. When it comes to insensitive terms like those seven, it goes against the Golden Rule of responses “Only use responses on others that you want used on you”. In September of 2012, I heard it through the grapevine that Neurophysicists had finally figured out how to make Artificial Vocabularies for Non-Verbal people. I was told about it at the University of Arizona in Phoenix by some scientists who are working towards Neurophysiology.

One epidemic that seems to be in High Effect here in the northwest is people born to never mature past the age of two. In the school program I went to in Anchorage, Alaska I encountered the situation for the first time. I thought not too much of it at the time, but when it came down to the pouting, and stubborn refusing, I knew there was a problem. I spent a long time ON and OFF of taking part in developing a new community helper’s job called Neurophysiology so that people could create Artificial Replacements for Absent Required Genetic Abilities in people. Even with the way it’s working effectively now, doctors said “It’s not possible if the person has NO way to mature past the age of two”. In such a case, the wiring in their brain is too torn up for mending properly. It costs too much time and money to do an operation that long, and even so, it’ll never be anywhere near right. It’s cheaper to just replace their whole brain with an artificial one that’s made to work right. The only trouble is the families of those people are usually poor, and haven’t any way to pay for the operation. That’s really not an acceptable excuse to get out of making those repairs because what you’re doing is letting that Two-Year-Old Functioning Person live Broken all the time, and making Everybody Else poor. Believe it or deny it Two-Year-Old Functioning People left the way they are are sorely responsible for at least 90% of the world’s Poverty, and Bigotry. That’s the Truth because MANY of our Properly Functioning People suffer LOSS OF MONEY, and Financial Credit to a Two-Year-Old Functioning Person. If you as a relative of that kind of person don’t have the money to have their brain replaced, the Federal Government Financial Office is required by law to provide the money for you to pay for that operation. They actually have a Court Order to enforce this kind of operation to rich people who have family members of that kind of disability, and to back up for family members of that kind of disability who’re poor. It’s a Search Warrant to making sure this situation is corrected. This law went into effect at the start of 2015 to help us earn trust in helping impoverished places in the world get better because THIS type of disability is responsible for at least 90% of the world’s poverty. Otherwise, you’re just throwing the world’s economy away. There’s nothing diplomatic about that.

One more thing. When my family and I visited El Salvador Late in November of 2010 for the sister of my Sister-In-Law’s wedding, the flight going over turned out fine. But when we got to Houston, Texas, and we were supposed to meet my brother Chris there, he never showed in time for the flight to El Salvador, and missed the plane my parents and I took. My parents thought it clever to give Chris a bad time about being a responsible adult, but what would we gain doing that? Chris just has a bad genetic where many things impede his ability to be responsible unlike ME who has only Four, and it would be insulting to do such a thing. Chris would probably resent us for treating him unkind. After I gave it some thought, I put myself in his shoes, and thought about how it would feel if he did that to us over our mistakes, and decided on a sunny choice of just Talking to Chris about our feelings about the situation. After I ran it by my parents, they approved it, and that’s what we did the next morning Chris arrived. Chris listened though he didn’t want to talk about his mistake, and we all felt better. Saying BAD things about people’s mistakes is something you write in your DIARY to keep to yourself.